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      With a background in journalism, the cultural sciences and the arts Jon Liinason has latterly been working as a producer and process manager in Artistic Interventions, creating platforms for and mediating in a cross-sector collaboration of the arts, working life and academia. As a social sculptor, working with and exploring art's potential to transform society, he has created a number of musical public collaborations such as Uppdykskören, Go Bach to Sleep and the Swedish branch of Orgelkids. Since the end of 2017, he has been a core member of the GIOA team, specialising in communication, new audiences and innovative practice.








    • Att berätta sin historia



      Presentationsvideor för kulturarvsprojektet Svenska 1700-talsorglar med intervjuer, konserter och video-walk-throughs.




      Presentationsvideo för Musikskolan i Älvsborg och Karl Nelson Orgelbyggeri: Vad är hjärtat i en orgel?


      Presentationsvideo för Göteborg Baroques claviorganum.




      Presentationsvideo för Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi 11-20 oktober 2019.




      Möte instrumentbyggare Per Anders Terning och följ med bakom kulisserina in i hans klavikordverkstad




      Presentationsvideo för organist Hans Davidsson med fokus på hans skiva Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Six Sonatas, op. 65 – a cycle of eighteen poetic movements




      Presentationsvideo för GIOAs dokumentationsprojekt med fokus på Svenska 1700-talsorglar.




      Längre intervjufilm med organisten Karin Nelson och några av hennes studenter


      Presentationsvideo för en orgelbyggnation under projektledning av Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi.




      Presentationsvideo för Arp Schnitgerakademin med Hans Davidsson, Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi.




      Artistpresentationsvideo för FRONTSIDE kammarmusikfestival i Göteborg, 17-20 januari 2019.






      Presentationsvideo för kompositör Paula af Malmborg Ward och Göteborgs internationella orgelfestival




      Presentationsvideor för Hagakyrkan med fokus på Hagakyrkans Unga Körer




      Presentationsvide för Hagakyrkan med fokus på Hagakyrkans Ungdomskör


      Presentationsvideo för Ambra Consort




      Presentationsvideo för kompositör F. Hagstedt med fokus på hans pianoverk 42 Pieces.




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    • Liz Erber

      Jon Liinason is present and engaged in all that he does. And best of all, he is an astute listener, who is interested in hearing what other's have to say and in finding a way to integrate the ideas of all people involved. He is skilled at bringing people together, integrating differences, and underlining each person's strengths. When working with Jon, I think everybody goes away feeling better about themselves and about the world in general.


      Memorable for me was talking to Jon about his interests. He has both broad and in-depth experience in many areas, and is skilled at finding ways of bringing these different interests together in his work and life. He is definitely a renaissance man of the twenty-first century.


      Liz Erber

      Dance Artist & Educator

      Liz Erber Dance / Urfluss



    • HDK, Business & Design


      Jon is challenging in the most positive way.


      We had the pleasure of working with him and his business partner Malin Bellman during an integrated university project within the master's program Business & Design dealing with organizational culture. Over a period of ten weeks they were our coaches and mentors with regard to design methods, artistic interventions and group dynamics as well as collaborating and listening to the client.


      During a first intense workshop week Jon and Malin used methods that were both eye-opening and mind blowing. It felt uncomfortable at first, but only after a few days we were able to note how we became more perceptive, more open-minded and how our thinking followed more unconventional patterns.


      During the project Jon and Malin kept pushing us further with their daring, reasonable and empathetic advise. Jon's enthusiasm and positive energy was very contagious and he supported us in any possible way. Thanks to his and Malin's help our project turned into a big success.


      As a coach, business artist, facilitator, mentor, creativity and perception booster we can highly recommend Jon.


      Thanks Jon, thanks Malin!
      We really appreciated :it.


      All the best from all over Europe to Sweden


      Joana Gläscher

      Karin Lycke

      Lucia Ciranova

      Sofia Stenfors



      Business & Design

      Master's Programme



    • Malin Bellman

      Jon has an open mind, is sharp and always willing to get the most out of each project collaboration. He can work with calm regardless of external circumstances and has an ability to uplift the people he works with and see their strengths. One side of his personality that I'm impressed with is his ability to listen to and respond to criticism without turning defensive. On the contrary he´s sincerely interested in what people need and then evaluating and working forwards. It is always very fun and progressive to work with Jon.


      Malin Bellman


      Kulturskolan Tynnered, Göteborg



    • Maria Henriksson

      Jon is a very natural person. He is competent and serious while being calm, friendly and boundlessly thinking.

      As a project leader at TILLT Jon initiated a very interesting trip to the Netherlands a couple of years ago for cultural leaders which I am very pleased to have been a part of.

      My overall impression is also that he is an excellent conference


      Maria Henriksson
      Head of Culture

      Mariestads kommun



    • Christina Josefsson


      Jon's creativity knows no boundaries and has meant a lot to us in Skaraborg in the urban development project Cities that stand out! An example of a memorable moment during this project, produced by TILLT, was the movie interview Jon made with me in a car riding through a village, documenting the European project Creative City Challenge. The interview was conducted in a very unusual way, as was the study visit to Gröningen, the Netherlands, which was among the best trips I've done.



      Christina Josefsson
      Head of Culture

      Varbergs kommun



    • Lars Lindström

      I perceive Jon as a very creative person, who has a valuable ability to see opportunity in difficulties. He has a very high communicative ability and easily connects with people, and has the ability to build upon these connections and develop trusting cooperations. He has demonstrated a strong ability to address complex issues, by finding or developing starting points and approaches, by initiating creative development processes and by creating an understanding of goals and how they can be achieved in different ways. Jon is also persevering in achieving results, which makes the collaborations fruitful and profitable.


      Lars Lindström


      Paroc Scandinavia



    • David Anthin


      A trip with Jon always offers refreshing surprises. He consistently refuses to follow old templates and already stepped-upon paths. Instead, he shifts the perspective, takes a new road, and just like that You have discovered something new as a fellow traveler.


      As a tour leader, Jon is creative, curious and constantly enthusiastic. He will never give You a charter tour guiding experience.


      David Anthin





    •  Allen Smith


      I worked with Jon on a TILLT project to open an innovation day at Ericsson. After brainstorming some high level goals and setting context for the event, he created a very engaging opening hour for a large audience of engineers. To this day, it is the part of the innovation day that everyone remembers and it really made an impact. He was able to help us approach this day from a very different perspective and gave us the confidence to try something very daring.


      Jon has tremendous energy and enthusiasm that can't help but rub off on the people around him. His creativity and fearlessness make him a great asset, and great fun to work with.


      Allen Smith

      Director, Electrolux



    • Klara Espmark


      Jon is a very responsive person, with a unique ability to create commitment and feelings of joy. He is driven and takes initiative, but at the same time good he´s good at taking rests for hearing others' thoughts and opinions. I feel that Jon is genuinely interested in other people's experiences and in learning from them.

      I got to know Jon when I joined a choir he directed. I can have difficulty in taking an active part in groups, but I immediately felt relaxed in the permissive atmosphere that existed there. Jon has the ability to see others' strengths and highlight them in a natural way. Although Jon was the "leader" of the choir, I think of the choir as a collaboration, where I truly felt co-creative in what we produced together. My opinions were taken seriously by Jon, he saw with what I could contribute and made me feel safe to share my experiences.


      Klara Espmark

      Textile Artist



    • Emelie Trossö



      I would recommend working with Jon because he´s such a tremendously positive and enthusiastic person and has such a sharp analytical ability - a rather rare combination of personality traits.


      It´s really nice that Jon likes to mirror You and that he often asks for feedback.



      Emelie Trossö

      Learning Designer & Facilitator



    • Sven-Olov Bodenfors


      Jon has an unusual ability to explain the added value of art and culture in business, using a terminology that people in companies understand and feel confident with.


      Sven-Olov Bodenfors

      Forsman & Bodenfors


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      Jon Liinason

      +46 729 21 42 99